Valencia Flyers

Valencia Flyers

First off, thank you for your hard work at our initial training last weekend at the Valencia Ice Station.
It was great meeting and working with each of you – and watching your skating capabilities grow in such a short time.

A handful of you approached me to ask about off-ice training.
So, as promised, below are a few things you can do today to strengthen your power skating muscles.

Before we get to that, I want to encourage you to send me your contact info by emailing me here.
I do a periodic training email which I’ll send you, as well as give you a heads up about when I am coming to Valencia.
This way we can connect for any upcoming power skating clinics and private lessons in your area.

A few training videos:

Bulgarian Split Squat
Considered by many the number one hockey training movement.

Single Leg Box Squats
Increase Balance and Strength in this movement.

Jump Rope
Jump Rope for Explosiveness.
Don’t underestimate this tried and true movement.