Feature Jump Rope Workout (for Beginners)

Let’s get into the jump rope workout. Regardless of your fitness level right now, this is a workout that will challenge you.

Why do we call this the perfect jump rope workout for beginners?

Before we get into that, let’s go over a few things you’ll need before trying this workout. 

What you’re going to need:

A jump rope – Any jump rope will do, but for an upgrade try using the one used in the video below: the 1/4 LB Infinity Jump Rope from the Get Lean Set.

Infinity Get Lean Set

A timer  We recommend the Gymboss, but you can use an app like Seconds Pro or just look at a clock to keep it simple.

Some space to jump

Got what you need? Perfect. Let’s begin.

This simple jump rope routine is going to focus on four jump rope exercises:

> The basic jump
> The off-step
> The alternate foot jump
> The jump rope jack

Set your timer to beep every 20 seconds (or just watch the clock). You will want to do each exercise for 20 seconds, one right after the other. Then rest for 40 seconds.

That makes one round. Repeat this for 5 rounds which will amount to 10 minutes in total.

So each round is 2 minutes long and looks like this:

  • 20 seconds of basic jumps
  • 20 seconds of the off-step jump
  • 20 seconds of alternate foot jumps
  • 20 seconds of jump rope jacks
  • 40 seconds of rest

Check out the video to see what the workout looks like: