Update: July 15, 2020

We now have rescheduling dates for the Wednesday Night 6-Week Camp, and RAD Camp NorCal. Here are the dates we have secured. Please keep in mind that these dates are predicated upon current state and county guidelines, and that future guideline changes may call for an additional rescheduling.

Wednesday Night 6-Week Camp Rescheduled
Rescheduled to  Saturdays & Sundays: July 25 & 26, August 1 & 2.
In order to keep the camp size small we have split the camp into two groups.
More information can be found here.

RAD Camp NorCal: 
It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the rescheduling dates for RAD Camp NorCal. We have all waited so long and now it's finally here. In order to keep the camp size small we have split the camp into four groups.
The new dates are August 7, 8, 9.
We will be sending a detailed announcement about this shortly.

Monday Night and Adult Power Skating
We are close to obtaining rescheduled dates for these camps as well.

In the coming days we will have both of these scheduled and will update here and by email.

Update: May 29, 2020

Achieving Phase 2 in San Mateo County is indeed encouraging news and an indication that we may be able to return to the ice soon. We have been informed that many rinks will resume their programs in June with some modifications in order to adhere to state and county guidelines. We will follow both the local rink timeline and local, state, and USA Hockey guidelines.

RAD Camp NorCal: 
We are targeting an August timeframe for rescheduling RAD Camp Northern California (originally scheduled for May 2020).

Monday Night Sessions, the Wednesday Night 6-Week Session, and Adult PowerSkating 
We are actively talking about these events and are close to rescheduled dates as well.

Returning to power skating practice will require us to reduce group sizes as defined by local guidelines and we are enthusiastic about doing so. As you may have guessed, Michelle loves being on the ice and prefers it over hiking, biking, and jogging. She gives all of us here at Power Skating 100 a stern and persistent reminder every time we pursue any off-ice activity.

Stay tuned to this email chain as we approach our return to power skating 100. If for any reason you think some of the email communications we send are not making it to your inbox, please follow these steps:

White list steps

As a backup, you can always visit the COVID-19 Update page at www.powerskating100.com/covid-19/

We look forward to seeing you on the ice once again. Let’s work together to return in a way that’s safe, compliant, and fun.

— Table Guy, Power Skating 100

P.S. Here’s a recent USA Hockey roundtable discussing returning to rinks:


It's Not a Matter of If, It's a Matter of When

Like you, we have been anxiously awaiting an opportunity to get back on the ice. Unfortunately, with this week's shelter-in-place announcement, it will not be in May. So, we must postpone RAD Hockey Camp Bay Area for a time when we can safely return.

Here's the good news: we have ice time, coach commitments, and everything else in place to have a great camp. We know for certain that when everything else resumes, we will too.

Please stay tuned as we navigate these unprecedented times.
Continue to stay safe and healthy.

We look forward to seeing you on the ice soon.

Coach Michelle Racimo


Coach Brett Beebe


March 2020

Dear friends, families, and athletes,

With the Shelter-In-Place Order upon us, we are postponing all power skating sessions until further notice. We share your hopefulness of a quick return to the ice as well as your enthusiasm for training and staying active, but our first priority is your safety and the safety of our coaches and partners.

All sessions will be rescheduled when we get the “all clear.” The remaining Monday and Wednesday sessions will resume with the same regularity at that time. If you were on a Wednesday session, your jersey will be ready when we resume.

In the spirit of training and staying active, I want to recommend some things you can do to keep your skating muscles active:

  • My favorite off-ice strength and conditioning exercise is no secret: Jump Rope. Jump rope is one of the greatest movements for building explosiveness in your quick starts and stride. Here’s a link to a jump rope routine I recommend. You can do this anywhere, almost anytime, and the benefits should not be underestimated.

  • Stretching/Yoga/Joga (Jock Yoga): Flexibility is important in power skating, but much bigger than that, it’s key to capturing your full athletic potential. In addition to that, when you take the time to stretch properly, you’re not just preventing injuries today, you’re preventing them five-years from now.

  • Jogging: If you can find a safe place to run, do it. I remember running hills back in my competitive days. It’s an activity that not only builds cardiovascular strength but mental toughness as well.

In the coming days, I will look to communicate more about the topic of training continuity while the Shelter-In-Place is in effect. I'll share some links and other useful information. Let’s keep it interactive. I invite you to stay in touch with me, too.

Deeply sincere,

Coach Michelle & Staff at Power Skating 100