power skating hockey stopThe Power Skating 100 Series is a skating-focused training session where players develop much needed speed, agility, lateral movement, and edge control by increasing our on-ice athleticism and hockey skating technique.

At each power skating session we will both:

  • Strengthen the muscles used for game time explosiveness and breakaway movement, and
  • Refine and practice skating techniques to a point where they become second nature.

Players should be prepared to work hard as we foster the skills needed to get into position to make an impact on the game.

An investment in your power skating skill is an investment in your hockey game. Coach M

Most hockey players lack crucial skating fundamentals that are required for competitive in-game success.

Even many advanced players have yet to develop a complete arsenal of power skating capabilities, and it shows.
If I can identify your weak side, you can bet the opposing team’s coach sees it as well.
Let’s address that now, before it affects you in game.

When you find yourself in an unfamiliar or awkward skating position, know that we’ve found an area that you can improve.
And believe me, we will take you there.
But if you are willing to put the work in, and become power skating proficient, your skating will become second nature.

At that level, you don’t spend time thinking about your skating.
You have more time to think about hockey: positioning, reading and reacting, stick handling, shooting and scoring.

Which is what you’re really looking to do, isn’t it?

The Power Skating 100 Clinic is the ideal environment to sharpen your ability and get ahead of the competition.

Get up, show up, lace up, and skate.

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